Portable Solar Charging System

Until 2013, there are more than 160 million people living in rural area without electricity, and nearly 6 million people have to rely on fossil fuel for lighting. The appropriate lighting is a basic need for human. Using fossil fuel as a resource for light has its own risk. Moreover, it will be a high cost of living in the future since oil price is increasing. To solve these problems, we introduce you “Portable Solar Charging System.”

The system comprises of solar PV module, charge controller, battery and lighting system (optional). It could be a power supply for lighting for domestic application in rural area without facility, or a portable battery which can be charged outdoor.


  • Can be a power supply for bulb, LEDS, fluorescent light, fan, camp lantern.
  • A universal solar power system for family, camping events, as well as field works
  • An alternative power solution for areas short of public utility




Item Specification
Energy storage battery 216wh(12V/18AH) Gel Lead-Acid Battery (DOD: 55%)
Solar Power 30w/17v Monocrystalline
Systems rated working voltage(V) DC12
Controller LED indication: charging status, battery status
  USB Port x1 for portable device
Operating environmental temperature(o C) -15~40
Operating environmental humidity (%) 10~90
Warranty 3 years
  • Controller with LED lights display the status of the battery charge and discharge.
  • USB port for charging mobile phones, digital cameras and tablets.
  • Battery provides 216 Wh power and socket for appropriate use.
  • Light weight and easy to carry.