PV Modules

AIDE Energy offers photovoltaic modules and other photovoltaic applications. Each series of products is ideal for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects.

Features of Aide Moduals


  • 10 years Product Warranty - Repair, replace, or refund.
  • 30 years’ Linear Power Warranty:
    • 1st Year >97%;
    • 2~24 Years Decay<0.7% / Y;
    • 25~30 Years >80%.

Product Liability Insurance

AIDE’s Product Liability Insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance.


Regulatory Standards and Certifications

As a supplier to the global solar market, our products meet the certification and standards requirements of the top regulatory agencies around the world. Approved List: PV CYCLE,JET, TUV, UL, CE, CEC, IEC, MCS, CGC, ISO.


Each module is 100% flash tested and visual inspected before shipping. Our factory follows the strict guide lines and requirements to insure that we have quality in our products and our business processes.  AIDE is certified with ISO-9000, 14000, and OHSAS 18001 Quality Systems. We are the first one passed TUV SUD PID test and can offer 100% PID resistant modules.


Excellent Module Performance

Aide modules outperformance base case PVSYST scenario with data collected in 16MW projects.Average outperformance is +13.15 %; Peak outperformance +29.56 %.


Our modules

  • Highly efficient energy conversion
  • High strength with wind and snow loads guaranteed up to 5400 Pascal t
  • All manufactured modules are tested 100% by EL (Electro-luminescence) before and after lamination, and before shipping.
  • Drainage and other designs prevent deforming and fracturing due to freezing or other forces
  • Power categorization one watt per pallet thus minimizing workload of classification at worksite.
  • Plus tolerance for perfect performance.


Why Aide?

  • Taiwanese precise operation management.
  • Japanese stringent quality control.
  • Chinese competitive cost structure.

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