• Kaohsiung City government in TAIWAN built first 5 e-boats in 2009 for the tourist cruising on Love River as GEN-I
  • In 2012 we join GEN-II project for another 5 e-boats with the following enhancement:
    • Charge direct from Solar panel to battery bank
    • More stable and reliable of LiFePO4 Battery
    • Prolong the life cycle of Battery Pack
    • Enlarge the Solar power capacity
    • Well performance of Charging and Discharging System


The GEN-II started its commercial voyage on Sep 28, 2012, and after its successful operation for six months, in March 2013, by request of the Kaohsiung City Government, AIDE proceeded with the development of the next generation for the e-boat, to achieve the optimization for the power system as follows:

  • Performance improved from 7 hrs to 8 hrs when cruise is under constant speed.
  • Battery capacity reduced from 52KWh to 48KWh.
  • Large screen HMI synchronous display information.


Progress of GEN-III

  • Improved Performance of 19%
  • Solar charging efficiency enhanced from 86% to 94%
  • Less Demand for Batteries



  • Graphical HMI
  • Waterproof Battery Cabin ( IP65 )
  • BIPV Solar Panel
  • High Efficiency Solar Charger


Selection Guide

  • Electrical Boat
  • Solar-Powered Boat
  • Hybrid Boat
  • Solar-Powered Hybrid Boat


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Item Specification
Cruise Range 8 hrs @ 5 knots (0.39KWH/KM)
Electric Motor 25 KW AC/200V x 2、1000 rpm
Energy Source Solar Charging,Onshore grid power
Lighting LED Lamps (included underwater light)
Solar Panel 5 KWp
Battery Pack 48 KWh LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Noise Level 70~75 db @ 5 knots
Dimension L: 13.0 m, W: 4.5 m, H: 3.5 m; Depth from deck:1.2 m
Weight 7.0 tons
Passengers 2 Crews, 24~42 passengers (included 2 handicapped seats)
Navigable Area Canals, River, Lakes, Harbors
Speed Cruise: 5 knots;  Full Speed: 10 knots (18.5 km/h)
Generated Capacity of Solar Power / Day 24KWh (5KW*5hrs)
Solar Utilization Rate (Weekdays / Holidays) 100% / 100%
Electricity Consumption / Day (Weekdays 10 Trips / Holidays 20 Trips) 8KWh / 16KWh
  • Environmentally friendly. The solar e-Boat provides power free of noise, vibration and air pollution.
  • Efficiency Performance. Combines sources of power from Solar, Battery or Generator to create efficient electric propulsion.
  • The user-friendly interface and reliable electric drive system. Easy to use and well experienced of system integration.
  • Solar Power System. Distributed MPPT optimize the power from individual PV modules that can keep batteries charged under full day sunlight.
  • Advance Lithium Battery Technology. Lightweight and compact of Lithium battery pack. Battery cycle life more than 2000 cycle (@100% DOD).
  • Mobile Power Station. Solar system can deliver power direct to the batteries from sun. The e-Boat can store and supply the power on board.
  • Communication protocol: CAN Bus (2.0B) & RS485 (Modbus RTU).